Better Than Besties: Why Gay Holiday Films Matter

This season’s movies with queer characters may be a largely chaste affair, but their comforting formulas also tell L.G.B.T.Q. viewers that they are seen.

“A New York Christmas Wedding” Asks You to Believe in the Power of Love at Christmas

I’m a firm believer that, among us who are obsessed with All Things Christmas, there are only two camps of people: 1) there’s “Christmas Begins The Day After Halloween” people, and 2) there’s “Christmas Begins The Day After Thanksgiving” people. And I am strongly the latter. I have never listened to a single note of Mariah Carey nor dusted off my Christmas movie collection out of the streaming queue until the turkey has been stuffed, then stuffed into my belly and the last slice of pecan pie has been served cold with annual Day After Thanksgiving coffee. That was, until I saw the trailer for Netflix’s A New York Christmas Wedding.

10 Of The Coziest Holiday Movies You Can Already Stream On Netflix Today

Get ready for the holiday season by getting cozy with these 10 Netflix Christmas and holiday movies that are already streaming, waiting to be enjoyed.

‘A New York Christmas Wedding’ updates Hallmark holiday tropes

In December, as filmmaker Otoja Abit was editing his first feature film — a Christmas movie — a scandal was erupting around the Hallmark Channel because execs had pulled an ad that showed two brides kissing. While the network, which is known for its cheesy-romantic holiday fare, reversed its stance and put the ad back on the air, the uproar resonated with Abit.

New York Christmas Wedding is a Heartfelt Surprise

Imagine my surprise when I saw the trailer for A New York Christmas Wedding distributed by MarVista Entertainment? Far from the company’s usual fare, this film is what Hallmark and Lifetime wishes it could air with their recent push towards more inclusive fare.


Brooklyn, NY – October 9, 2019 – The Bushwick Film Festival (BFF) celebrated its 12th anniversary this year with nearly 100 films, a dozen panels, special events, and nearly 3,500 attendees! The festival culminated with an awards ceremony at Syndicated Movie Theater where 23 films took home awards. The award winners told bold stories, featured extraordinary characters and embodied the independent spirit; reminding us of how films inspire, entertain and connect us.

Red carpet moments at the latest Urbanworld Film Fest

One of the fun parts of film festivals is being able to see up-and-coming film talent, both behind and in front of the camera, make their way down the red carpet.

Otoja Abit ’08CPS

As a walk-on for the St. John’s University Men’s Basketball Team, Otoja Abit ’08CPS quickly realized the importance of teamwork—which is serving him well now as he pursues an acting and directing career.

American Black Film Festival Sets ‘Yusuf Hawkins: Storm Over Brooklyn’, ‘Farewell’ And More For Virtual Edition

The American Black Film Festival (ABFF) has set its lineup for the 2020 virtual edition of the fest which runs August 21-30. In addition

Otajo Abit works on new film in our New York studios

Actor and filmmaker Otoja Abit came through our studio last week to record ADR for his newest short film, A New York Christmas Wedding, scheduled for release in January.

SCAD Savannah Film Fest: Jitters Writer, Director & Star Otoja Abit

Actor Otoja Abit had an idea for a short. It was a simple idea that concealed a depth of feeling; what if we got to see a young man, moments before his wedding ceremony, question whether or not he was making the right choice. Abit, who has acted on TV (The Defenders, The Night Of), film (Stonewall), and in theater in New York, wanted to take what he’d learned and make something himself. Jitters is the fruit of his labor, a 12-minute short that played in competition at the SCAD Savannah Film Festival, in which Abit’s character struggles with his impending (as in minutes away) wedding.

First-time Filmmaker has ‘Jitters’ at Maryland International Film Festival-Hagerstown

“Jitters” might be the name of Otoja Abit’s film directorial debut, but it’s a notion he shouldn’t be feeling with big names behind his short film. “Jitters” will be shown as part of the Maryland International Film Festival-Hagerstown at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, April 28, at the Historic Maryland Theatre in Hagerstown, Md. The film festival runs Friday, April 27, through Sunday, April 29.